Friday, July 9, 2010

Youtube's addition of 4K Video

Do you know what's bigger than 1080p? Or more specifically 1920 by 1080 progressive resolution?

Well, a few hours ago, I thought that it was 1440p (2560 by 1440 resolution). But apparently and I had no idea that a camera could even record at this resolution. Or who would even have a camera that can handle it. But Youtube's recent addition to their ever popular video website is a whopping 4096 by 3072 resolution or in easier terms, 4K.

Whoa is the right response. Thats nearly THREE TIMES 1080p. I don't care what anybody says. 3d Avatar would look so good in 4K! Just picture it. Think about it. Wait for it to hit you. Give it a second. BAM!!!! FLAMES ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! BLUE PEOPLE WITH CRAZY HIGH DEFINITION!!! ITS LIKE SMURFS HD UNRATED ON STEROID INFUSED BLU-RAY!!!

Now if you'd excuse the interruption by James Cameron's masterpiece of Super Smurfs.

You can go check out Youtube's 4K playlist @

Of course, there wont be many 4K videos on Youtube at the moment, as the cameras that can film at that resolution are only purchased by the people that can afford to build mansions out of 24k gold.

But, after you select a video on the playlist, you can turn it into 4K by changing it's resolution to "Original"

Warning: 4K video is very large. Only try to watch it if you have a very fast connection. I would also suggest a very good monitor since lower resolution monitors won't really display that much of a change.

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