Friday, July 16, 2010

Who cares about Congress, Google owns your SOUL!

I'm not sure why so many people have made such a big stink about Google's Street View cars collecting user information wirelessly.

1) You should've been behind some protection. WEP, WPA, a hidden SSID works wonders sometimes.

2) Your information should've been encrypted if it was that sensitive. Don't go crying to mommy when you go to the internet cafe and the big bad hacker steals your bank account numbers. And there's no "Oh thats just Windows" about it. OSX, Windows and even Linux can be broken by an unencrypted network connection.

3) Who cares about this stolen information. Google probably already knew it anyway.

Google search spiders are probably the closest thing to an all-knowing being on the planet. They have accessed almost all information existing on the web.

Think about that for a bit.


Your Facebook and Myspace don't seem so innocent anymore do they?
Those files you threw in your Dropbox and then shared the link on wherever? Not just simple file syncing anymore is it?

Google owns you. That is the simplest way to put it. Ask any real computer nerd. And they'll tell you.
Whats your homepage? Mine's Google
Whats your email provider? Mine's GMail
Who gets you from Point A to Point B? Well thats a Garmin 350 for me. But Google Maps is close.

Don't even get me started on Google Chrome.

Basically, all in all, the less technically savvy of the world are going to sweat the little things. Google already handed over the information and I really doubt that they're going to do anything with the information anyway. That's not even the big problem.

The real problem is Google taking over the world. You can say I'm joking sure. But think about it for a little bit. And you'll agree with me. Now I'm not saying it would be a bad life. But I enjoy that I can use whatever programs I want. I only choose Google's because they're typically the best at what they do.

If it comes to the point where I'm using Google made applications for every single aspect of my digital and eventually physical world, well... let's just hope we don't come to that.

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