Monday, July 19, 2010

Apple Opens Up

Surprisingly, I have been very quiet about the iPhone 4 issues spreading about over past weeks. Considering my hatred of Apple, I almost felt it was my duty to write a post about it, but it was only until today that I really had something interesting to blog about. You have read all the posts about how Apple's beloved iPhone has "fallen from the pedestal", so to say, and is no longer perfect. Quite frankly, what did you expect? No company will ever be perfect, ever, not even Apple. And if you look back at all my posts over the many months I have blogged, I rarely ever write about how a company messed up. I may explain about how they reacted to messing up, or a post in defense of the company that messed up, but that's it. It's because messing up is part of life, and whoever says they are perfect is lying. Now that I have pretty much explained why I have not written a post until now, let me humor you.

In an article on TechCrunch, MG Siegler takes us into the "Black Labs", an anechoic chamber within the depths of Apple's headquarters that most employees did not even know exist, let alone the press and bloggers. How coincidental could it be that right after Apple messed up in one of their products they decide to show a top-secret testing lab, and the place where the iPad and iPhone 4 were secretly in testing for many years before the outside world heard about them? As Siegler says in the article, Apple is trying to show that they do indeed test their devices and that such testing is thorough and complete. All I can say to this is who cares? When other companies mess up, they apologize, fix it, and move on; they don't try to cover up the issue, deny its very existence, and then come back with schemes like this one to distract from the mistake. But what else did you expect? A few sentences ago I described a top-secret Apple laboratory that not even employees knew about. If it was not for Apple's mishaps, we would still not know about it. There are just too many secrets and ulterior motives in Cupertino for anybody to walk around without watching their shoulder.

But other than Apple's secrecy, it is nice to get an inside view of what is actually going on behind those closed doors. If you have never seen an anechoic (a.k.a. no echoes or sound proof) chamber before, Apple's is a beautiful sight. They have something called a "Stargate", where a test subject sits in a seat surrounded by a large ring that emits signals for 360-degree testing. Who knows what else Apple will come out with, but I really hope they show us more.

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