Monday, June 28, 2010

Would Everybody Back Off Google

Well, I have to say personally I was excited when I read that one tweet by Digg's Kevin Rose (@kevinrose). Google has continually tried and failed to enter the social networking market, and considering the relative success of Buzz amongst certain circles, it would not be surprising if the new, rumored Google Me is even more successful. Everybody seems to be prejudging Google, claiming any attempts they take at Facebook's domain will end in total corruption. There are still bloggers out there who would argue Buzz is still an utter failure, even though it's increased activity after Google's first initial blunders is evidence of otherwise. All I have to say is back off, and give Google some space. It is one thing to criticize Google for something bad they have done, such as their Buzz privacy issues, but it is another thing entirely to complain about a company's product that has not even come out yet. Heck, we don't even know whether Google Me exists, let alone how successful it will be, or whether it will finally kill Facebook.

For those who are scratching their heads, here is the premise. We all know about Google's previous social networking product. Orkut, which Google launched in 2004, is used mainly in Brazil and India. Buzz, which was added to Gmail this year, had a rough start with many privacy issues but has slowly grown in size and activity in recent months. Well, the current craze running across the Internet is the new Google Me. Rumored to be a Facebook killer, the idea was initiated by a single tweet (see link in beginning of post) posted by Digg CEO Kevin Rose, who apparently got the information from a "very credible source". From there posts have erupted across the Internet, with Chris Saad (@ChrisSaad) claiming the service will just be an extension of Google Profiles and Louis Gray (@louisgray) providing a catchy, yet interesting title on the issue (oh, and the post is good as well :) ). That leaves us here.

What exactly this new product will be we have yet to see. My guess is that Chris Saad is right and that it will just be some kind of functional extension to Google Profiles. However, it is just as likely that Google has been secretly developing a fully functional social networking site and plans to attack Facebook within the month. Either way, it will be exciting for the social networking community, and definitely exciting for Google fans worldwide. I just hope that Google has learned from its previous blunders and put some clearly defined privacy settings in this new product, if it exists. Mark Zuckerberg better watch out, because Google is not going to go down lightly.


  1. (end of first paragraph) "Heck, we don't even though whether ..." should be "Heck, we don't even know ..."

  2. Woops. Thanks for pointing that out.