Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iphone 4: Apple's greatest Hype Machine

Today Apple released the Iphone 4 for pre ordering on their site and AT&T's site as well.

In total they've received an astounding 600,000 pre-orders. Thats more than half way to a million right off the bat, and before the device has even been released or had any time in the actual world outside of the gulag known as Cupertino.

But does it really deserve the sheer amount of hype that Apple and Gizmodo have generated for it?

For anyone that doesn't know a few months ago, Gawker blog site, Gizmodo, bought a bricked Iphone 4 for $5000 dollars and basically made sure everyone knew that they had an Iphone 4.

Though they couldn't get into the operating system which is now known as iOS4, they noticed the new design, higher resolution, and front facing camera.

Apple calls the last two of those new specs, the Retina Display, and Facetime, respectively.

Retina Display is essentially a very high resolution LED display that Apple brags has around 326 ppi. Which despite some controversy, Apple claims has enough pixel density such that you cannot see a pixel during normal usage.
I'm not going to dispute those claims because I'm just not qualified to do so and honestly my vision is terrible.

Facetime is really just a front facing camera. For well... face time... with other people.
Basically its video chatting for Iphone. Skype for Iphone... Maybe this is why Apple didn't want Skype on the App Store?

Meh. Again not gonna question this too much. Or else the conspiracy ideas start flowing everywhere and I start seeing Steve Jobs and his Big Brother posters all over... not the best way to get the brain flowing.

Even though I'm not a fan of Apple products in the least, I'm not above recognizing innovation where it's deserved.
I have a great respect and interest in the Retina Display specifically. Apple's other "innovations" are kind of like them playing catch up and once again having to make their own versions of everything.

While I don't believe that the Iphone 4 deserves 600,000 pre-orders, I don't believe any other company besides Apple could pull that many orders off.

They're the only company that can effectively combine British accents, complicated and superfluous words, and that Apple "You need to buy this" charm into one video well enough to break records.

If you want to check out the Iphone 4's Design Video: *Beware. Quicktime is necessary to view this

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  1. The beware line gave me a chuckle. I agree with your thoughts surrounding Apple. It is hard not to respect a company that receives free TV/Movie plugs (non-commercials) while garnering a massive cult following in the process.

    While I don't own anything Apple, I hope they're around for a while to help keep computing, in any of it's forms, as competitive as possible.