Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Domain Name

Well, unfortunately I have no exciting blog post for you today, primarily because I spent most of my time getting ready to move this blog to a new domain. My reasoning behind this is that is becomes very hard to remember Heck, people find parent5446, which is my almost universal handle, hard to remember on its own, now add blogspot to the end of it. Anyway, for those who have not noticed, I started calling this blog TechLayers, simply because when I started this blog it was upon the foundation that technology cannot be seen as one simply vast network, but should instead be viewed as increasing layers of abstraction, each one relying on the layers before it. From there, the hunt began.

The obvious was already taken, so there went the best option. I tried, but the dash in the middle really irked me. Finally, I settled on Over the next couple of days as DNS servers update, Blogger will start to redirect everybody to the new domain name, and hopefully everybody likes it. There are not going to be any design changes, so no need to worry about that. In conclusion, make sure to tell you friends about "layers of tech"!

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