Monday, May 10, 2010

Google (and others) Should Do Something Right Now

If there is one thing that brings users to a service, it is marketing. Promotion and advertising persuade the service's target markets into using their product. In fact, sometimes a good marketing strategy can forgo the fact that you don't really have a good product in the first place, though this tends to end badly for both the company and the consumers. Now I am no expert in advertising, but I am pretty sure that if a company takes advantage of their competitor's flaws, they will have a good chance at stealing over some of their customers. Google, I hope somebody up there is reading this post, because now would be just about the time to act. In fact, for pretty much any company, this would be the time to act. What am I talking about, you may ask? This is what to do when people start questioning a popular company's integrity.

Facebook may be going rogue. Now before anybody comments (not that many people have been commenting on my blog lately anyway), I do not care whether Facebook actually has gone rogue or not, or whether their moves on privacy or right or wrong. Why do I not care, and why should Facebook not care either? Because regardless of Facebook's actual motives, their actions have aroused suspicion, even if it's only increased user awareness of Facebook's actions. People are concerned that the next step just might be privacy violation, while some already claim their privacy has been violated. With people on the fence about whether they are going to trust Facebook, other companies are free to rush in and act as the cushioning mattress on the other side of that fence.

Think about it plainly: you're parading about the web in any which way, and you see an advertisement. "Google Buzz: It's Not Facebook". Now obviously you can tell I have never been in marketing, so don't try and use that slogan, but you get the point. By playing the fact that Facebook customers are not so sure of the service anymore, they can coerce more people toward the greener grass on the other side, so to say. There is only one problem though. We need to act, and fast. Because the second that either Facebook recovers their reputation or another company goes and uses this strategy, the window of opportunity begins to close. Hopefully some company weary of Facebook's dominance is reading this and realizes what potential lies in front of them. Please, somebody, dethrone Zuckerberg!


  1. You may not be getting comments here but it is a great post and it is being discussed on buzz. Too bad buzz is so badly positioned to take advantage of facebook privacy changes because of the investigation into privacy breach during buzz launch, never mind the fact that any tech person knows google fixed the issues within a day and always makes a point of not abusing user data.

  2. Yeah, that makes sense. And I'm pretty sure the Buzz discussions don't show up in Analytics since they are on https.