Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally! Resharing on Buzz

Well it's about time. After much anticipation and patient waiting, Google Buzz has now been granted a reshare button. (Personally I would have gone with Rebuzz, but Google does as Google pleases.) Buzz fans have been waiting patiently for this feature as content has been hopelessly copied from buzz to buzz, without anybody having any identifying information as to who wrote the original message. Hopefully the new Reshare button will make things a little bit easier for users, and maybe bring in a little bit larger crowd to Google Buzz (well, that I'm not too sure about, but you can always dream).

Using the reshare button is extremely easy, as is most things with Google. Click reshare, type your comment, click post. Simple as that. As simply as that sounds, Google was apparently spending much time arguing over whether the reshare should be one clicks or two clicks. While that is probably the stupidest thing you could argue over when your users are begging for resharing functionality, I'm just glad that it's finally here, and we can use it. The one vital thing missing, though, as Google notes, is the ability to create a reshare that does not fork. In the current situation, resharing creates a new post, entirely different from the original, but sometimes you just want to reshare a post to your followers without creating a brand new post. Google says they're working on it. Hopefully it won't take as long as they took to get this out.
Why it's not Rebuzz.

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