Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google is Amazing

Well, all thanks to Robert Konigsberg (@kberg), an Eclipse software engineer working at Google, I was able to see the beautiful New York City offices of Google. And I cannot say I am anything less than amazed. From the people to the food to the conversations, everything was more awesome than I could even imagine. The primary reason I think that the New York City offices offer a better experience than Google's main offices in Mountain View is the city. Being in the middle of one of the largest urban centers in America is definitely an advantage, unless, of course, you're not an urban person.

Anyway, on with the tour. After passing security, the first thing we saw was the game room. They had recently put in a brand new pool table, which accompanied numerous different games, both physical and electronic. We also saw Google's own computer history museum. Most of the stuff was before my era, but they had a number of old computers back from when my father was a kid. But the fun doesn't end there: we quickly discovered a Lego play area, where a three-dimensional Google logo and other two-dimensional (and four-dimensional) objects. Another highlight is the fact that I stood literally a few feet away from one of the creator's of GIMP.

Of course, Robert took me and my father (who was accompanying me on the tour) to the Google cafeteria for lunch. Never has the word "cafeteria" been associated with good food until this point. But the more interesting part was the fact that I was actually able to participate in an intelligent conversation about technology, both on the technical and on the social layer. I cannot name more than one or two people who I can talk to in real life that could replicate that same conversation. Our tour finished in DoubleClick's old lobby, which was some type of cool zen garden (see picture).

Needless to say, I had a great time at Google NYC. I got off of school and had the time of my life. And on the off chance that Google was missing something, which is highly unlikely, you could always venture out into the city after work and do a million other things. Hope everybody enjoyed my glimpse into Google. School is still running hard until the end of this week, so hopefully I will be able to post more, but for now, you can enjoy this picture of me next to some of Google's Doodles.

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