Friday, June 19, 2009

The Story of Replacements

You run into a lot of problems when people leave in significant amount. All of a sudden you turn around and all of your goto people have just disappeared. This has always been hard for the people looking for help, but it is even tougher on those looking, or even expected, to replace them. Experts in the field have a reputation for their knowledge, and gaining that reputation is becoming more an more difficult. It gets even worse when they become "legends": people so great that it seems impossible they will be replaced. When this happens there is almost no hope people will ever see another person like they did the original expert. Unfortunately for the general public, this leaves a void of people who can offer help to the needy.

Sometimes it even seems that you have to make your own legend, make your own reputation. This is even harder than the previous predicament, because trying to gain a new spot in somebody's mind is generally harder than using old space. It is like trying to learn something new as opposed to relearning something old in a new form.

Well, I know I have not said much, but this is my first blog post, so I figured I would just welcome whoever is reading, not that anybody would read this anyway. Hopefully the content gets better over time, and stay tuned.

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